Find everything you need to start, add to, or complete your weight collection for your own home gym. Dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells are just a few things you'll find within our weight range. Also, with various sets and sizes available you're sure to find something to suit your needs.


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20kg Cast Iron Dumbbell/Barbell Set20kg Cast Iron Dumbbell/Barbell Set
Neoprene Covered Cast Iron Kettlebells 2kg - 24kgNeoprene Covered Cast Iron Kettlebells 2kg - 24kg
JLL Rubber Hex Dumbbells 4kg - 32kgJLL Rubber Hex Dumbbells 4kg - 32kg
JLL Weight Vest 10kg - 30kgJLL Weight Vest 10kg - 30kg
JLL Weight Vest 10kg - 30kg Sale priceFrom £39.99 GBP
PU Dumbbells 4kg - 32kgPU Dumbbells 4kg - 32kg
PU Dumbbells 4kg - 32kg Sale priceFrom £33.99 GBP
Cast Iron Weight PlatesCast Iron Weight Plates
Cast Iron Weight Plates Sale priceFrom £11.99 GBP
Weight Lifting Barbell Chromed SteelWeight Lifting Barbell Chromed Steel
Olympic Weight PlatesOlympic Weight Plates
Olympic Weight Plates Sale priceFrom £41.99 GBP
Olympic Weight Lifting Bar - 7ftOlympic Weight Lifting Bar - 7ft
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Ergonomic Neoprene Dumbbells SetErgonomic Neoprene Dumbbells Set
Ergonomic Neoprene Dumbbells Set Sale price£26.99 GBP Regular price£44.99 GBP
Neoprene Coated Steel DumbbellsNeoprene Coated Steel Dumbbells
Neoprene Coated Steel Dumbbells Sale priceFrom £18.99 GBP
Heavy Duty Slam Ball - Available in 5 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg & 15 kgHeavy Duty Slam Ball - Available in 5 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg & 15 kg
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B200 Adjustable Weight BenchB200 Adjustable Weight Bench
B200 Adjustable Weight Bench Sale price£189.99 GBP Regular price£219.99 GBP
Ankle Weights 0.5kg - 2.5kgAnkle Weights 0.5kg - 2.5kg
Ankle Weights 0.5kg - 2.5kg Sale priceFrom £12.40 GBP
Medicine Ball 1-10kgMedicine Ball 1-10kg
Medicine Ball 1-10kg Sale priceFrom £19.50 GBP
Chrome Spinlock Collars (Pair) for Standard 1” BarsChrome Spinlock Collars (Pair) for Standard 1” Bars
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Refurbished Hex Dumbbells (Pairs) 4kg- 32kgRefurbished Hex Dumbbells (Pairs) 4kg- 32kg
Refurbished Hex Dumbbells (Pairs) 4kg- 32kg Sale priceFrom £17.99 GBP Regular price£28.99 GBP
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B300 Adjustable Weight BenchB300 Adjustable Weight Bench
B300 Adjustable Weight Bench Sale price£305.99 GBP Regular price£339.99 GBP
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Refurbished 4kg- 32kg PU DumbbellRefurbished 4kg- 32kg PU Dumbbell
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Refurbished Vinyl Kettlebells 2KG-16KGRefurbished Vinyl Kettlebells 2KG-16KG
Refurbished Olympic Bumper Plates 5KG - 25KGRefurbished Olympic Bumper Plates 5KG - 25KG
Refurbished Neoprene Kettlebells 2kg - 24kgRefurbished Neoprene Kettlebells 2kg - 24kg
Refurbished Neoprene Dumbbells 1KG - 5KGRefurbished Neoprene Dumbbells 1KG - 5KG
Refurbished Medicine Balls 1KG - 10KGRefurbished Medicine Balls 1KG - 10KG