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Time (mins:secs), Distance (km), Speed (km/h), Calories, Odometer (km) and Heart-Rate (ppm)

6 Function Monitor: Time (mins/secs), Distance (miles), Speed (mph), Calories, Pulse (bpm) & RPM

Monitor Counts: Time (mins/secs), Distance (miles), Speed (mph), Calories, RPM, Target Heart Rate and Pulse (ppm)


4kg two way

7kg Two Way Flywheel

20Kg flywheel which allows a smooth ride for beginners or a challenging and tough workout for serious athletes.


10 levels of magnetic resistance


Adjustable levels of tension/resistance. Tension easily adjusts with the turn of a knob.


Detachable 3 piece system

Heavy Duty Crank

Heavy duty crank system on the pedals making it stronger and more reliable.


7 levels of height adjustment

10 Levels of Seat Height and 6 Levels of Horizontal Seat Position

Fully adjustable seat can be moved up and down or forwards and backwards.


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IC400 Elite Exercise Bike - Professional Grade Support for Intense TrainingIC400 Elite Exercise Bike - Professional Grade Support for Intense Training
IC350 Pro Exercise Bike - Quiet & Advanced WorkoutIC350 Pro Exercise Bike - Quiet & Advanced Workout
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JLL RE100 Recumbent Exercise BikeJLL RE100 Recumbent Exercise Bike
JF600 Pro Upright BikeJF600 Pro Upright Bike
JF600 Pro Upright Bike Sale price£329.99 GBP
Sold out
JLL RE600 Pro Recumbent BikeJLL RE600 Pro Recumbent Bike
JLL RE600 Pro Recumbent Bike Sale price£449.99 GBP Regular price£869.99 GBP
IC400 Pro Indoor Cycling BikeIC400 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike
IC300 Pro Indoor Cycling BikeIC300 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike
Velox 2 Road Training BikeVelox 2 Road Training Bike
Save 24%
JLL RE200 Recumbent BikeJLL RE200 Recumbent Bike
JLL RE200 Recumbent Bike Sale price£285.99 GBP Regular price£375.99 GBP
IC200 Pro Exercise BikeIC200 Pro Exercise Bike
IC200 Pro Exercise Bike Sale price£209.99 GBP
JF100 Upright Indoor Exercise BikeJF100 Upright Indoor Exercise Bike
IC100 Pro Exercise BikeIC100 Pro Exercise Bike
Save 61%
JF150 - Upright Indoor Exercise BikeJF150 - Upright Indoor Exercise Bike
JF150 - Upright Indoor Exercise Bike Sale price£149.99 GBP Regular price£383.99 GBP