Choosing the Right Workout for You

Choosing the Right Workout for You

Finding the right exercise for you is easier than you think and crucial to implementing a strong fitness regime.

One of the main reasons we fall off the bandwagon with our exercise plan is because we don’t love what we are doing. Seeing exercise as a chore is the first mistake we make when starting our fitness journey.

Not all of us are suited to the same workouts, we’re all different. Throughout this blog we will explore a range of exercises most suitable to you and your lifestyle.


With so much currently out there, it can be scary and difficult to know where to start. From Weightlifting to Spin, HIIT to Yoga, the world offers a wide variety of workouts.

You could either throw yourself into it and attempt to try out as much as possible. But to save yourself time and reduce the chance of giving up; due to lack of enjoyment, we have put together a short guide to direct you in the right direction.


High Intensity Workouts

If you’re looking for a challenge, any form of high intensity workout will have you pushing yourself to the limit. High Intensity workouts include HIIT (obviously), Spin, CrossFit, and more.

If your idea of a successful workout is to put both your body and mind to the test for 45 minutes to an hour, then we suggest giving high intensity exercises a go.

Although these workouts will take a lot of energy (and have you panting for the foreseeable) you will come out heart racing, having shredded those calories and would’ve released enough endorphins to keep you pumped for the next 12 hours – making it the perfect workout for those who need a boost in the morning. Start your day right!


Low Intensity Workouts

If the sound of a High Intensity workout slightly scares you, then we have something a bit tamer, Low Intensity workouts. 

Low Intensity can include activities such as Walking, Light Interval Jogging, Step Classes & Swimming. The aim of these workouts is to get your body moving enough to get your heart racing but not putting too much strain on your body and joints. Therefore, it is ideal for those struggling with an injury OR someone who is just after a softer workout.

If you prefer working out with a partner, then low intensity workouts are for you. They give you the opportunity to burn those calories whilst catching up with your friends, whether that’s at the gym or on a long walk.


Yoga & Pilates 

Yoga and Pilates are coming back into fashion and for a good reason. These workouts focus on strengthening, stretching, and conditioning, combined with meditation and breathing techniques, ideal for those who want to train both their bodies and mind.

The perfect choice for those looking for a low intensity workout where you still feel that burn and can challenge yourself.

With regular sessions, you will quickly notice an improvement in your strength and flexibility. Not only leaving you with a toned physique, but a sense of well doing, motivating you to return.

In addition, if you currently struggle with your mental wellbeing, I highly recommend attending a class. The guided meditation will open your mind and narrow focus on the capabilities of your body.

I guarantee you will leave the class feeling rejuvenated, zen, and clear minded. Ready for the day or night ahead.


Get Bored Easily?

Struggle to stay pumped during your gym session? We get it, the same exercise for numerous sets can get repetitive.

If your mind needs constant stimulation, we recommend classes such as Boxing, Zumba, or Dance. Not only are these workouts exceptional for getting your heart racing; they’re fun, test your mind and improve co-ordination.


Overall, understanding what suits you might take some time. What you thought might work for you, might not and vice versa.

The aim is to find a workout that you look forward to, where you want to grow and improve. This will ensure consistency and guarantee results.

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