T450 Folding Treadmill

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The JLL T450 Folding Treadmill is a great addition to any home gym, providing cardio training for all types of runners. One of the most advanced machines on the market, it’s packed with features to support your running journey and keep you motivated.

With a running area size of 127x42cm, this treadmill is suitable for users of any height, with plenty of room to sprint, run or jog at your own pace.
Choose your running speed from 0.3 - 18km/h = 0.18 - 11.2mph, and enjoy the comfort of our advanced cushioning, with 16 points of shock absorption to reduce noise and impact to your floor, no matter how hard you run.

20:20 Cardio

The T450 treadmill console is preloaded with 20 running programmes that can provide a guided cardio workout, automatically adjusting the speed and incline of the belt through 20 incline levels. Choose from walking, HIITs, time trials and heart rate programmes. Handrail Sensors monitor your pulse as you go, so you can keep your heart healthy with data you can trust. Enter the flow state with Bluetooth connectivity and USB interfacing, allowing you to play your own music through the high-powered inbuilt speaker system. Our touch-sensitive console is long-lasting, as there are no buttons to wear out!

JLL T450 Folding Treadmill Safety Features

You can pause your workout at any time with the STOP button, which pauses programmes and saves your progress so you can resume when you’re ready. This is ideal for emergencies or if you need to take a break. All JLL Folding Treadmills are built with Soft Drop technology for safe, easy and smooth unfolding. A hydraulic arm under the running belt extends slowly as the hinge moves, keeping the belt from falling suddenly.



20 Level Incline

Accelerate your workout and weight loss with the 20 level auto-incline, you will burn up to four

times the fat calories just by walking. Adjust your elevation with the incline buttons on the handrail

for easy reach. *PLEASE NOTE: This machine has an initial gradient of 1 degree

Advanced Cushioning System

Maximise your comfort and reduce the impact on your joints with our internal cushion deck.

The cushioning system absorbs the impact during your training and is safer running on the board,

so you can train harder and longer.

Sensors Built into the Handrails

Speed & incline buttons built into the handrails as well as heart rate sensor plates.


Plug your iPod, iPhone or MP3 into USB interface, or use the Bluetooth® wireless

connection to stay motivated with your favourite music. Get rid of your earphones for incredible

sound from the high powered speakers.

Phone Charging Port

Connect your phone via the USB port to charge it during your workout.

Pause Function

Ideal for emergencies or for taking a break, you can pause your workout anytime by

pressing the STOP button once and continue right from where you left once you are ready.


With a huge range of 20 programs available for a variety of training options, you'll never be stuck for

workout ideas.

20 Running Programs

Choose from walking, HIIT's, time trials, heart rate programs to suit the needs of any runner.

Heart Rate Program

The motorised treadmill will sustain your desired heart rate by adjusting the running speed automatically.


This machine will require maintenance to keep the treadmill running at it's best, factors such as

where the item is stored and how often the machine is used will affect the length of time between

the necessary maintenance. It is recommended to perform this maintenance every six weeks.

Details of how to perform the maintenance can be found either on our support center or within

the booklet received with your item.

1 Year Warranty Provided From The Date Of Purchase
*Home use only*

PLEASE NOTE: When you first assemble your treadmill make sure to check your running belt before use!

This is part of the maintenance of your machine and instructions on how to do this can be found within your manual.


For more information about Electric Home Treadmills please visit our Buying Guide page.

To download the T450 Manual please follow the link to


If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 0800 6123 988

or alternatively 0121 328 7507 and our team member's will be very happy to assist you.

To All Customers: We ask that upon receipt of your goods you check they are in perfect condition before

signing with the delivery company. Failure to do so could affect your warranty should any issues arise.

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JLL T450 Folding Treadmill Assembly Video