Resistance Band Set

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No room for loads of bulky weights? No problem! Strength training has never been so easy to do at home!


Vast amounts of exercises can be performed with resistance bands making them extremely versatile and able to target every muscle head to toe. Training with resistance bands has many advantages, inexpensive, lightweight and portable. Plus, when properly looked after these bands can last for a very long time.

From beginners to more experienced fitness enthusiasts these bands can be used to enhance full-body workouts performing the same exercises as with free weights. While free weights have the benefit of more accurately tracking progress by adding smaller increments of weights the bands do provide less risk of injury by using tighter movements making it easier to maintain correct form.

Resistance bands are also great to use for stretching in between sets of weight lifting. This also makes them ideal for rehab and physiotherapy, gradually building strength and toning muscle.


Within this set, you’ll find handles, ankle straps and a door anchor not limiting you to just space for your workouts. Take these bands with you wherever you go, from working out in the park with friends to Pilates classes to any choice of room in your own home.

Set Contents

5 x resistance bands from 10-50lbs

2 x ankle straps

2 x handles

1 x door anchor

1 x Carry bag

1 x User Manual

Product Care

Try to avoid leaving in direct sunlight as this can fade the colours, do not clean with any harsh chemicals e.g., bleach as this can take its toll on the elasticity of the bands.