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Home Treadmill Top 10 Purchasing Tips

Home Treadmill Top 10 Purchasing Tips

More and more of us are looking into investing in-home workout equipment as opposed to gym memberships. A home treadmill can be a useful centrepiece for a home gym and nowadays are much more affordable than you might first think. However, buying a home treadmill is not something you have to think about every day. Therefore, when you do decide you want to take charge of your fitness by purchasing one, it can be quite daunting to know where to begin. Well, that’s where we come in. The JLL team have put together 10 key tips to consider when purchasing your home treadmill, ensuring you select the correct one for you.

Comparing Home Treadmill Power

A treadmills power is usually measured in CHP (continuous horsepower) and this affects how fast the treadmill can go and also how smooth the belt feels whilst in use. Basic home treadmill will usually have a power of 1CHP which although is not overly impressive, will be enough for those just looking to do just a brisk walk. Higher end Treadmill motors will be 3CHP and above, making them suitable to handle sprints and benefiting from a smoother feel in general.


Comparing Home Treadmill Speed

It is also important to check the max speeds of the home treadmills that you are considering. A pair of treadmills may have the same motor output but their top speeds and even starting speeds may still vary. More capable Treadmills will allow you to reach speeds of 16kph (or around 10mph) and higher with ease. While cheaper treadmills may only be limited to jogging speeds.


Checking Home Treadmill Incline

A change in the incline of your treadmill can drastically increase the challenge of a workout without altering the speed. Budget home treadmills may not have this feature at all, hence the price but there are many reasonable priced treadmills that do. Incline in relation to treadmills can either be measured by gradient percentage or simply by stating how many levels of the incline there are. Be careful if a treadmill only has the max gradient percentage displayed as there may not be many incline options in between. Alternatively, if the treadmill is advertised with 10 incline level for example, you know you have 10 incline options.  

Checking Sizes

The importance of checking the treadmill sizes may seem obvious but it can be easily overlooked. Before you start looking at home treadmill options, it is a good idea to measure where you plan to put the treadmill and keep these measurements to hand when browsing.

In addition to the treadmill’s general size, it’s important to take note of the running deck size. You want a treadmill that allows enough space for you to run on it without fear of falling off the end.


Comparing Home Treadmill Max Weights

The max weight that a treadmill can handle is dependent on the frame strength and motor strength. As a result, lower cost home treadmills are likely to have a lower max user weight limit. Most home treadmills should be able to withstand a weight of 100kg and the higher end model will handle even more.   


Comparing Console + Programs

Another aspect to consider when browsing treadmills is the quality of the treadmill console which can differ considerably from one home treadmill to another. Investigate what the console is capable of; what it measures during a workout, are there any pre-set workout programs, how easy is it to navigate and how clear is the display.   

Comparing Entertainment + Features

A good treadmill will make workouts feel as enjoyable as possible, so with this in mind, check out the entertainment and special features of the treadmill as this could separate one treadmill from another. Most standard home treadmills will have speakers and allow you to connect an external device to play music via USB or Bluetooth. Some treadmills will have built in sensors that allow you to monitor heart rate. All home treadmills should have some sort of safety feature that brings the machine to a halt if anything untoward happens.


Comparing Home Treadmill Frame and Cushioning

If you are able to try the treadmill before purchasing, be sure to assess how sturdy the frame feels when in use. A heavier treadmill can often be an indication of how strong the frame will be if you are not able to try it out first. The better home treadmills on the market will have some sort of cushioning system that reduces the impact when in use. A cushioning system not only makes the treadmill more comfortable to run on but also helps to reduce noise.

Brand Reputation Warranty and After sales support

You wouldn’t buy a Car or Phone from just any old company, would you? So, don’t just jump into a home treadmill purchase with any company. Do a bit of research on the sellers for example, check if they actually have a range of treadmills. Is the information about the treadmill clear? Does the company’s website look reputable? Are there any reviews available?

Another thing to consider is the length of the warranty. It is safe to assume that the longer the warranty, the more confident a company is in the product. Also consider what the warranty actually covers and if you are unsure, ask the company directly.

Something else to think about is whether the company offers any after sales support. As with all machines, there is a slight possibility that something may go wrong with continuous use. Are you going to be able to get someone from the company to assist you if this is the case and is it easy to do so?     

Comparing Home Treadmill Prices

The prices of home treadmills can range from around £100 for the basic models ideal for those that only need light aerobic work. Don’t expect any amazing features for this price and be sure to checkout any limitations. Mid-range home treadmills are usually priced from around £250 to £600. Although some models in this range may have some limitations, you can find some feature-packed models in this price range too. Any home treadmill above £500 should have all the features that you would desire from a treadmill as well as an impressive performance output.   


By taking these tips into account when browsing for your new home treadmill, you are sure to find the perfect one for you. You can find a range of quality UK home treadmills at a quality price at  JLL Fitness:

Why not use some of the tips in this article to compare JLL treadmills with other home treadmill companies and see which ones you consider better.

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