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Barbell Buying Guide

Barbell Buying Guide


Why Use Barbells in Strength Training?

Everyone who has ventured into strength training has likely used a barbell at some point. But what makes barbells so essential?

Barbells are incredibly valuable for workouts because they provide an ergonomic way to handle loads, allowing for various weights to be gripped and lifted directly over the center of your feet. Their adjustable design lets you gradually increase stress across your entire body, engaging all major muscle groups through a full range of motion, leading to remarkable results over time.

What is a Barbell?

A barbell is a long, chromed steel bar designed to hold free weights on each end. Ideal for a variety of exercises, barbells help build and strengthen muscles by providing controlled resistance.


Different types of Barbells:

Olympic Barbells

Olympic barbells can handle weights up to 320kg (700lb) and come in 6ft and 7ft lengths, weighing between 12.6kg and 17.1kg. Designed for Olympic weightlifting exercises like the snatch, clean, and jerk, these bars offer slight flex and smooth rotating sleeves. They are robust and can withstand being dropped repeatedly, making them a great investment. Shop our Olympic weight bars.


Standard Barbells

Standard barbells are 4ft to 6ft long and weigh between 4.5kg and 6.6kg. They are more affordable and suitable for beginners. These barbells come in various styles, from straight to curled. Shop our Weight bars.


Dumbbell/Barbell Set

Our 20kg dumbbell barbell set is fully adjustable, allowing you to select your desired lifting weights. This set combines two chrome-plated dumbbell bars with a central chrome join to create a barbell. Shop our 20kg Dumbbell Barbell set.


What to Look for When Buying a Barbell:


The right grip depends on your preference and the amount of weight you’ll be lifting. Our bars feature knurling, a hatched grip pattern, on the left and right sides for natural hand positioning. This knurled pattern ensures a secure grip, even if your hands get sweaty. Shop our Weight bars.


Choose between bumper plates and cast-iron plates. For powerlifting, iron plates are sufficient. If you frequently drop the bar, rubber bumper plates are a better choice due to their durability and impact resistance. Shop Our Olympic Weights.



Incorporating barbells into your strength training routine can significantly enhance your fitness journey. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced lifter, the versatility and effectiveness of barbells make them an essential tool for building and strengthening muscles. Understanding the different types of barbells, such as Olympic and standard, as well as the options available for weights and grip, will help you choose the right equipment for your needs. Investing in quality barbells and weights ensures durability and safety, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals efficiently. Start your journey with the right barbell, and experience the transformative benefits of strength training. Explore our range of barbells and weights today.

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