Treadmill Jargon

Home Treadmill

We include in this category every treadmill that is suitable for home use. It is the perfect machine for those with limited space because you can fold it up and store it while it is not in use. All JLL folding treadmills are built on wheels for easy transport.
Folding treadmills are one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment for those who want to exercise in the comfort of your own home and at any time. It can also be used by every family member.

Commercial Treadmill

This kind of machine is brought for high volume of use. It is ideal for fitness clubs, gyms, health clubs and any other commercial fitness environment. Our range of commercial treadmills includes light use and heavy duty machines for gyms or fitness clubs and they are built with the best quality material which makes them last longer.

Incline Trainer

Incline trainers mimic walking or running up hills, making your workout more challenging, burning more calories and further increasing muscle tone.

You can burn more calories in less time by using a different incline level.

Motorised (in British English) or Motorized (in US English)

It is another way to name an automatic treadmill with a motor to operate it. They either can be home or light commercial use and fully commercial.

AC (Alternating Current) Motor

This motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. AC Motor is powered from alternating current. It is very rough and offers more durability. Plus the speed is controlled by varying the frequency, which is commonly done with an adjustable frequency drive control. All the JLL light commercial and fully commercial treadmills come with AC motor which has a smooth start speed of 1 km/h.

DC (Direct Current) Motor

As the AC Motor, the DC Motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The main difference in  respect the one above is that the DC motor is powered from direct current such as batteries or DC power supplies. It is constructed with brushes and a commutator which adds to the maintenance, limit the speed and usually reduce the durability of brushed DC motors.
All the JLL folding home treadmill comes with DC motor which has a smooth start speed of 0.3 km/h, the lowest speed on the UK market.


The power of the treadmill motor is measured in continuous or peak horsepower.

Continuous horsepower tells you how the treadmill motor operates continually without dropping off and it shows the true efficiency of the machine. While peak horsepower is the fastest or strongest the treadmill motor can work for a short period of time.

If you use the treadmill for jogging, walking and running, you should go for at least a 2.0 continuous horsepower.

Digital Controller Technology:

Digital Control technology makes the running machine much safer and last longer. This control system lets the speed increase or decrease slowly and smoothly. JLL treadmills operate with this controller system and provide the slowest start speed on the market with 0.3 km/h.

Digital technology without speed sensor is constant and cannot be affected with external impacts such as temperature or dust, making it much better and safer. Running machines with this system have a high durability.

Cushioning System

The cushioning layer on treadmills is located between the belt and the frame and is designed to redirect some of the impact away from you and your joints. The treadmill’s cushioning systems would help you to reduce joint pain, to better simulate running, and to add extra resistance. They promote safer workouts, reduce fatigue, reduce joint pain, and allow for more workout options.

Good quality point cushioning systems will have 8 points across the frame which provides the best overall workout experience and protects your joints.

Shock Absorption

It is one of the types of cushioning system which does just that absorb shock and do not transfer the shock right back into your body. The shock absorption will be mounted between the running board and frame of the treadmill: one at the front, one in the middle of the frame and one at the back on each side of the frame.

Most cushioning systems are spring based; cushion point based or shock based. If its shock based look for adjustability and stability, if its cushion based make sure it has 8 points, and if its spring based make sure the springs offer a sufficient rebound rate. As far as possible try to avoid the spring based because they spring all the negative energy back up to your joints.


The console, depending on your treadmill model, is where you can see all the treadmills options. Pay attention to the console buttons for changing speed and incline that should be easy to read and reach with your finger. Usually the console has the music controls as well for easy reach.

JLL treadmills offer an iPod/iPhone/MP3 connection through an auxiliary cable and USB interface, built in speakers and water bottle holders. Some models come even with cooling fans to make your workout more comfortable.


The display or monitor, depending on your treadmill, is where you can see how many calories you have burned, the total distance that you have done, your heart rate, the incline and speed that you are walking, running or jogging and the time you have been exercising.

Running Belt / Running Area

The belt is the black ribbon where you walk, jog or run when exercising on the treadmill. A standard running belt size are 40 cm (width) x 120 cm (length) / 15.7” x 47.2” which is perfect  for those who just want to walk on the treadmill. For those who prefer running or jogging the running belt should be wider and longer, since we have a tendency to swing a bit while we run. Usually these measurements include the side frames and the front console, both of which reduce the actual dimensions of the running belt.

Heart rate monitor

The heart rate monitor is a device that reads your pulse by holding the sensor on both handrails of the treadmill and gives you the information while you are using the machine. Some of the JLL treadmills come with a heart rate control program. heart rate control program which adjusts the speed to reach the pulse that you set up before. If the pulse is lower, the speed will increase. If the pulse is higher, the speed will decrease. Usually the maximum speed on this program is 6 km/h.

USB interface

To use a USB port you should have all music files in MP3 format. You can connect the USB drive into the USB audio interface control to any JLL treadmill and it will play automatically.

Running Programmes

Running programmes are created to give you the most benefit in the shortest amount of time and also varies your workouts so you won't get bored . Some workouts automatically adjust your speed and incline. JLL treadmills come with 10 to 15 professional programmes, depending on the model. Most of those models have the option of pre-set  the first three programmes to make them more personal by adjusting the speed according to your goals.

Quick speed buttons

JLL treadmills are very easy to use thanks to the quick speed buttons that you can find on the console. Depending on the model you have a pre-set speed (3, 5, 6, 8… km/h) that you can select by just pressing the quick speed button instead of increasing the speed point by point with the speed buttons.


It is one of the features that a treadmill can have. One of the benefits of using inclination is that you can increase your workout and burn more calories.

There are two types of inclination:

  • Manual: there is no motor to change the inclination level. You change the incline yourself. Treadmills with manual incline are cheaper than those with automatic incline.
  • Automatic: use a motor that change the inclination for degree while you are walking, running or jogging to add variety and challenge your work out. Most home and light commercial treadmills offers an incline from 0 to 12%, in the case of the fully commercial running machines the inclination is between 0 and 22%. Automatic treadmills are easier to use.

If you don’t want to get off of your treadmill each time you want to adjust the incline, look for a treadmill with auto incline.

Quick incline buttons

Some JLL treadmills have quick incline buttons, with just a finger touch you can change the incline level (3, 6, 10… %) instead of increasing or decreasing point by point.


G. W. is used to refer the Gross Weight which is the whole total treadmill weight.


N. W. means Net Weight which is just the weight of the machine. That would be the gross minus things like packaging.

Occupying area

The space that the whole treadmill occupies when it is unfolded and ready to be used. This measurement includes running area, side frames, console and height of the running machine. Within our range of treadmills the length will vary from 150 cm to 236 cm (59.1” to 93”), the width will vary from 70 cm to 98 cm (27.6” to 38.6”) and the height will vary from 128 cm to 153 cm (50.4” to 60.2”), depending if the model is home use, light commercial or fully commercial.