What is Q-Factor?

In cycling terms, the Q-Factor of a bike is the distance between the pedal attachment points of each crank. This measurement is usually given in millimetres to give a greater degree of accuracy.

 Q-Factor is a term used amongst cyclists and is a specification that is used to compare different bikes. The measurement essentially analyses your ‘stance width’ when standing up on the bike. Generally speaking, the average Q-Factor on a road bike is 150mm whilst on a mountain bike it is 170mm.



Why is Q-Factor Important?

Q-Factor is important because the size of the measurement will affect how you cycle. A narrower Q-Factor is desirable amongst many road cyclists as it allows them to gain greater speed as less force is needed to turn the cranks.

 Studies suggest that a narrow Q-Factor is more beneficial amongst cyclists as it is more efficient. It improves the application of force during the motion of pedalling which in turn reduces the potential risk of injury to the knee and ankle joints. This is because the body is set in a narrow position and the joints aren’t as open as they would be with a wide Q-Factor.


Why Do We Use Q-Factor?

At JLL, we look at Q-Factor when designing and manufacturing our indoor cycling bikes. We do this because we want to give the user the most realistic cycling experience possible. We aim to make the transition between using a cycling bike and using an exercise bike seamless. By doing this, we cater to all needs. So, whether you’re using your exercise bike as an alternative to a road bike, or whether you’re using your exercise bike to lose weight, you’re getting the best performance possible.

 Looking at Q-Factor is also important if you’re using an exercise bike for physio therapy, especially rehabilitating knee injuries. Q-Factors that are too wide or narrow can be uncomfortable on recovering joints, so it’s also a good idea to test an exercise bike before making a purchase.

 Displaying our Q-Factor also shows you that we have confidence in our product, and this measurement means you can compare our indoor cycling bikes to others on the market. With this in mind, you can make the best decision possible on what suits your needs when looking for an exercise bike. 

All of our models of exercise bikes can be tested in our showroom. So, you can make an informed decision on which model is best for you.