Online Dispute Resolution

The European Commission has established an Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR Platform). It is specifically designed to help customers resident in the European Union (EU) who have a complaint about goods or services bought online from traders established in the EU. You can submit your complaint online through the ODR platform in any of the official languages of the EU. The ODR platform can then submit your complaint to the National Trading Standards Service to facilitate resolution of your complaint.

Access the ODR platform

You may use the ODR service if you are resident in the EU and have a complaint about a product or service purchased from us online. As the ODR platform will ultimately re-direct your complaint to the Trading Standards Service, you may prefer to contact us or the National Trading Standards Service directly in the first instance.

Get in touch with us or the National Trading Standards Service about a complaint.

If using the ODR Platform you may find the following information helpful:

  • Our name: JLL Fitness Ltd
  • Our email:
  • Our website address:
  • Our geographic address: United Kingdom