FAQs on Treadmills

Q1: How do I know which is the right treadmill for me?

A1: You can refer to our buying guide to understand better which is the right running machine for you. Alternatively you can use our compare function or contact our Sales Team on Free Call 0800 6123 988 or 0121 328 7507 and we will be happy to assist you.

Q2: What are the differences between a home and a commercial treadmill?

A2: Mainly it is the engineering and the construction of the equipment. Commercial running machines are built with resistant material for a constant use in gyms or sport centres, whereas home treadmill is more optional and individual-based programming.

Q3: How do I set my weight on my treadmill?

A3: When you turn on running machine the kg data will flash on the display. Simply press the speed buttons to select your correct weight.

Q4: Is treadmill running easier than running outdoors?

A4: Yes, it is. Running machines are a bit easier than running outdoors. If you want more closely simulate road running, set you treadmill's incline at one or two percent.

Q5: What kind of shoes shall I wear on a treadmill?

A5: You can wear any running shoes that you find in the market, you can use them whether running inside or out.

Q6: Why is important that a treadmill has different inclination levels?

A6: It depends on the kind of result that you are looking for. The slower uphill workouts help you to get strength, while the faster flat workouts build stamina, endurance and foot speed. The ideal is to inter-exchange between types.

Q7 How can I maintain my Treadmill?

A7: Wipe down after every use, vacuum, lubricate and keep the running belt centred and aligned. (For more information go to services and parts page).

Q8: How can I clean the running belt?

A8: Set the speed of the machine around 2 kilometre per hour and put a humid, clean cloth at the end of the running belt, hold it there and move it along the end of that running belt until is free of dust. (For more information go to services and parts page).

Q9: What kind of cleaning product can I use for washing the treadmill?

A9: Only use water to clean and dust. Do not use any cleaning product because they may damage the treadmill.

Q10 How do I know if the treadmill is balanced?

A10: Try to place the running machine on a level floor to avoid off-balance. Stand on the machine with your feet on the frames and put your weight first on the right side and after on the left side. If you feel any shakiness, you have to adjust the big screws with plastic head which are located underneath the frames (in the left and right end of the treadmill). (For more information go to services and parts page).

Q11 How can I balance the treadmill?

A11: By altering the big screws with plastic head located underneath the frames, which are respective in the left and right end of the treadmill, until you no longer experience any shakiness sensation. (For more information follow the instructions on the services and parts page).

Q12 How do I know if the running belt is adjusted?

A12: If every member of the family use the treadmill, you should check the running belt before using the machine to assure its safe to exercise. If the running belt is not adjusted and tightened when needed, it may cause a slipping sensation. Everyday, and before you use the treadmill, set the speed around 1-2 kilometre per hour, walk on the machine and try to stop the running belt with your feet while holding the handrails and pulling your body on the opposite direction. If the belt does not stop, means that it is tightened for using. But, if it stops while you do it, this means that it is loose and you have to tighten.

Another way is checking if the gap between the running belt and the running board is 5-6 millimetre, means that the belt is tightened for using. But, if the gap is smaller than that means that the running belt is loosen.

Q13: How can I adjust the running belt?

A13: Power off and turn the two belt adjustment screws, located at the rear, clockwise to tighten the belt slightly by quarters. Get back to the treadmill and check if the belt is still loose or not. If it is still loose, re-adjust the belt screws by another quarter until you get a tightened belt. Run the machine on its own for 1-2 minutes to see if the belt keeps in the middle. If the running belt is still in the centre, you can use the treadmill straight away. (For more information follow the instructions on the services and parts page).

Q14: How do I know if the running belt is aligned?

A14: If the gap between the frames and the running belt is approximately 5-6 millimetre in both sides, means that the belt is aligned. But if that gap has a different distance this means that the belt is eccentric and we should put it back in the right position.

Q15: How can I align the running belt?

A15: Set the speed on 2-3 km/h and adjust slowly the screw, which is at the end of the treadmill, with an Allen tool included in the box. At the same time you screw, you must check if the gap of difference has disappeared. If it is still there, screw again until you get the running belt in the centre.

  • If the belt slants to the left: adjust the left bolt in a clockwise sensation or adjust the right bold in a counter clockwise sensation.
  • If the belt slant to the right: adjust in the opposite manner.

Q16: How do I know if the running board is lubricated?

A16: Lift the belt on the treadmill up with something flat and not sharp. Look at the running board or touch it to check if it is oily or not.

Q17: Why is it important to have the running board lubricated?

A17: Continual lubrication of the running board will greatly increase the life of the running board, walking belt and the motor. A treadmill well-lubricated will have a smooth running and last longer, and that is what we want!

Q18: How can I lubricate the running board?

A18: The running belt must be lubricated by a special lubrication oil after a period of usage. In case of not being enough oily, use the lubrication oil provided with every treadmill machine:

  1.  Unplug the treadmill.
  2. You will need to access the deck and this can be achieved by lifting the belt on the treadmill up with something flat and no sharp.
  3. Place it underneath the running belt and spread a straight line of treadmill lubricant down the side of the deck. 4 Repeat on the other side. 5 Turn on the machine and leave it running for around 2-3 minutes at 3-4 km/h. And walk on the treadmill to help spreading the lubrication oil.