5 benefits of using a treadmill

Walking, jogging or running on a treadmill offers plenty of benefits such as lose weight, tone up, fight cellulite, keep a healthy heart and protect your joints. Check out these tips!

1. Lose weight:

Without a doubt running and walking are the best kind of exercise that let you burn the most calories and fat. This makes the treadmill the most effective machine for weight loses, because it helps you perform these two exercises.

So the number of calories burned increases in proportion to the speed and distance that you cover, but these should be chosen carefully based on your physical condition.

2. Tone up and fight cellulite:

Walking and running involves your legs, glutes and calves. What is the right workout for toning them and fighting retention problems? By decreasing the speed and increasing the incline, you increase the working time on the belt (supported on the foot) and consequently the contraction of the muscles and blood circulation.

3. Keep your heart healthy:

The cardiovascular workout you get on a treadmill activates your blood circulation and improves the efficiency of your heart. This will give you better endurance in the long run, helps you feel less tired, and will give you a better staying power for all your daily activities.

4. Protect your joints:

All at the same time, consistent exercise over time keeps all your joints active and it preserves the flexibility you need to help prevent injury or the problems caused by aging. Remember to protect your knees by using the right shoe (if you are not sure of using the proper trainer, check this post) and the right treadmill with at least 6 pads cushion system.

Plus you should not forget to stretch and warm up your muscles before exercising on the treadmill. And give to your body some rest to protect of possible future joint injuries.

5. Running a marathon:

Well the qualities of a treadmill include a variety of options to manage your work load and speed, creating a gradual training course to increase your resistance. You achieve this by using predefined profiles or levels on the machine, or by focusing on your heart rate.