Getting Back Into Fitness After An Injury

Getting Back Into Fitness After An Injury

Experiencing setbacks to your physical health can be very unsettling and take a significant toll on your life. It’s crucial to give your body the rest it needs, but equally important to be proactive in rehabilitating your joints post-injury.

Remember, this injury is just a temporary setback. You need to put in the work so that when you are fully fit, you can get back on track with your fitness. Please note that this is not medical advice from a physician. We have provided some safe tips to help you on your way.

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way After an Injury

If you’ve been inactive for a while and can’t remember the last time you picked up a dumbbell, this tip is for you. Your motivation to work out or perform any form of exercise might be low, which is natural after a period of inactivity.

The best way to get back into fitness after an injury is to ease into it. You can’t expect to squat or press the same weight or finish a mile in under 6 minutes right now. However, if you slowly ease back into your routine, you’ll have a much better chance of recovering your former capabilities than if you try to go full throttle on day one.

Stretch Like Nobody’s Watching

Incorporating a warm-up period to stretch your muscles and prepare them for resistance sessions is invaluable. This applies to running, cycling, and any other form of exercise. Proper stretching can help prevent injuries and improve your range of motion. A foam massage roller can provide a mini deep tissue massage before and after lifting sessions, aiding in your recovery.

If you’re about to start lifting again, ensure you perform a small stretching session to prime your body for heavy loads. We have a great selection of stretching routines available for you.

Drop the Weight

For gym-goers, it’s time to adjust your routine. Ditch the 5 x 5 sets and opt for sets of 12 repetitions. Reduce the weight considerably and focus on controlling the weight up and down, re-introducing yourself to proper exercise form.

Resistance bands are excellent for isolating muscles, providing a challenging workout by maintaining constant tension throughout the movement. We offer various resistance bands designed for different functions.

Workout from Home

With the coldest time of the year approaching and the current energy crisis, working out from home can be a convenient solution. High-quality home fitness equipment can replace your gym membership and eliminate the need for extra motivation to go out on a winter evening.

Our brand offers some of the best home fitness equipment available. Our exercise bikes, like the IC300 PRO, are top sellers. If you prefer combining cardio with upper body strengthening, a rowing machine might be ideal. We also have a wide range of dumbbells and kettlebells for upper and lower body circuits. For exercise routine inspiration, check out our social media for workout videos.


Keep these four tips in mind as you return to fitness after your injury. Don’t be discouraged by any loss of strength or flexibility – these can be regained over time.

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